Farah Bello: A woman in her late thirties. She is hardworking, loves her family, and would do anything for her only daughter. 
Isma’il Junaid: Farah’s husband. He is in his early forties. Malcontent with his lot in life hence often restless.
Huda Adebola: A married woman in her mid-twenties. Currently serving in the NYSC. Easy-going and hospitable. 
Bilaal Hassan: 

Maymuna Junaid

Huda’s husband. He is also in his mid-twenties. Tries to provide for his growing family as best as he can.

Farah and Isma’il’s daughter.

This is a little introduction to the play  “The Chameleon, the Drunk, and the Fool”.

Our tale begins with the enigmatic ‘chameleon’. A character that is both charming and resourceful yet deceptive and manipulative. The chameleon is known for its ability to adapt and blend seamlessly into any environment. So also is our character capable of deceiving those around her, no matter where she finds herself. 

Like a skilled actor, the ‘chameleon’ alters her persona i.e. she adapts her words, gestures, and indeed, her entire being to suit the expectations of others. This trait remains hidden until it is revealed at the right moment… that is if it is ever revealed.

Now, let us turn our attention to the drunk. A reckless braggart. An irresponsible human. His excessive indulgence knows no bounds. The drunk is a character who seeks solace at the bottom of a bottle, expecting others to carry his burdens and blames the whole world for his misfortunes. Never himself.

Throughout our story, we shall witness the drunk’s ability to shift the blame from himself, pointing fingers at the world for his troubles, rather than confronting the source of his misfortune—his own irresponsible choices.

And finally, we encounter the fool, a gullible and easily deceived individual. With innocence and naivety, she navigates the world, trusting in those around her; strangers and friends alike.


She has an open heart and a genuine belief in the goodness of others, however, this unwavering (yet sometimes misplaced) trust leads her down a path of folly and deception which causes her to almost lose what’s most important to her.

I would like you all to sit back, relax and follow the journey of the TCTD&TF. It promises to be an interesting one.

Are you ready?

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