I wish you were here.

It’s been raining continually all day.

I wonder… if you would snuggle up with me on the sofa, and listen to the wind blow.

Just like old times.


Your mum was here today.

She seemed happy but I could see in her eyes the pain she tried to hide.

I wonder… if you would throw your arms around her neck and tease her mercilessly.

Just to see her smile.


I named him Saboor. After his father.

He is adorable. He is calm. He is perfect.

I know that he will grow up to be good and kind.

Just like his father.

Just like you.


I wish you were here.

My lonely heart yearns for you every day that passes by.

I pray that we meet again in a garden, underneath which rivers flow.

Just like the Rasul said.

Just like our Lord has promised

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